Daniela Petrova's Curriculum Vitae

Daniela Petrova DipABRSM   BSc(Hons)

Selected List of Qualifications

2007-(2013) MPhil/PhD and MBBS in Neuroscience and Medicine, respectively (University College London [UCL])
2008 Summer Studies Program (International Space University)
2007 Origins of Life and Life in Space Course Award (European Summer University)
2007 BSc(Hons) in Medical Sciences & Neuroscience (UCL)
2004 Grade 8 Viola Performance with Distinction (ABRSM exam board)
2004 French Exchange Programme Certificate (Douglas Academy, Glasgow, U.K.)
2004 Community Involvement Certificate (Douglas Academy)
2004 Young Enterprise Project Manager (Douglas Academy)
2003 Diploma in Piano Performance (DipABRSM) (ABRSM)
2000 Grade 8 Piano Performance (ABRSM)
1997 Grade 5 Music Theory exam (ABRSM)


Selected List of Awards and Grants

2007-(2010) Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) Scholarship for MPhil/PhD research at the Institute of Ophthalmology (London)
2009 SES sponsorship winner for the Summer Studies Program at NASA Ames Research Centre (International Space University)
2008 NASA Institute of Astrobiology Award winner for attending the Space Generation Congress and the International Astronautical Congress 2008 (Glasgow, U.K.)
2007 Winner of the Columbus Essay Contest (European Space Agency [ESA])
2007 Special Award recipient of the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851
2007 European Space Operations Centre sponsorship (ESA)
2006 University College London Travel Grant
2006 Goldberg Schachmann & Freda Becker Memorial Fund Award (UCL)
2004 Music School of Douglas Academy Music Prize (Glasgow, U.K.)
2004 Glasgow Music Festival prize (http://www.gmf.demon.co.uk/results04.html)
2004 Sponsorship for participation in the European Youth Parliament
2004 Certificates of Outstanding Achievement (Douglas Academy)
2003 Glasgow Music Festival 1st Prize (http://www.gmf.demon.co.uk/results03.html)
2001 Moray Piano Festival 3rd place (Moray, U.K.)
2000 Dundee Music Festival 1st Prize Winner in Piano Performing (Dundee, U.K.)
1998 Morgan Academy Art Prize Winner (Dundee)
1997 Craigie H.S. Mathematics medal (Dundee)


Work Experience

Positions of Responsibility

2008 Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), Executive Committee member, Regional Coordinator for Europe
2008 U.K. Space Biomedical Association (UKSBA), Executive Committee member, Secretary
2008 Chairperson at the League of European Research Universities (LERU) Conference 2008 (Helsinki, Finland)
2007 Internship at the Crew Medical Support Office, European Astronaut Centre (ESA)
2004 British representative at Strasbourg European Youth Parliament

Selected List of Conference Participations

2009 International Astronautical Congress
2009 UK Space Biomedicine Association Conference
2008 Space Generation Congress (Glasgow, U.K.)
2008 LERU Bright Conference (Helsinki, Finland)
2007 Space Shuttle and Columbus launch, Mission STS-122 (NASA, Florida, U.S.A.)
2007 International Space Exploration Conference (Berlin, Germany)
2007 Interview by the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC, ESA)


Daniela Petrova's Publications

Selected List of Reports and Publications

Petrova, D., Henning, G. B., & Stockman, A. (2013). The temporal characteristics of the early and late stages of L- and M-cone pathways that signal colour. Journal of Vision, Journal of Vision, 13(4), 2, 1-26.

Petrova, D., Henning, G. B., & Stockman, A. (2013). The temporal characteristics of the early and late stages of L- and M-cone pathways that signal brightness. Journal of Vision, in press. 13(7), 15, 1-23.

Petrova D., 2009, Determination of the pre- and post-nonlinear stages in the M- and L-cone pathways with distortion of temporally-varying chromatic visual stimuli, MPhil Dissertation, University College London
Petrova D., 2008, ‘The Value of Human Spaceflight’, ESA Bulletin, 133: 85-87.
Petrova D., 2007, A Nonlinearity in the M- and L-cone Pathways Produces Distortion in Temporally Varying Visual Stimuli, BSc Dissertation, University College London
Jamieson T., Bakhshi R., Petrova D., Pocock R., Imani M., Seifalian A.M., 2007, ‘Biological applications of quantum dots’, Biomaterials, 28(31): 4717-32.